About me

I am 30 years old and I currently work at Saela Pest Control. I work with a team of engineers that help maintain the website used by all employees at Saela. Currently I work mostly in PHP with some Angular mixed in. I enjoy programming in Java, C++, Angular, and many other languages. I always love experimenting with new languages and seeing the differences between languages. Some other languages I know are Python, C, Scala, Racket, Go, Javascript, HTML, CSS. I really enjoy networked systems and how to appropriately get multiple servers talking to each other securely and be fault tolerant.

Over the past couple of years I have had the opportunity to work at Saela Pest Control as a Full Stack Software Engineer. I have really enjoyed working here as there are tons of opportunities to learn something new and really see an effect your coding has on the website. It is a very small team so you get to experience the learning available when there isn't a load of places to go to get help. I sometimes feel the best learning is the learning where you teach yourself. This company is a fantastic company and is very willing to work with you. I was attending Masters school for the first part of this job and they were very flexible and understanding when I needed to take care of some school stuff on the spur of the moment. The team that I work on are bright people that I know I can lean on to learn something I may not have thought about or known before. I also have had the opportunity to work at FamilySearch as a software engineer on their backend. It was really cool to see the workflow and processes they use to be one of the top continuous delivery companies. Their environment was an awesome environment to work in.

I graduated from the University of Utah in May 2020 with my MS in Computer Science. I started out my graduate career hoping to focus more on Networked Systems, but they stopped teaching the necessary classes for that field. So I switched to Computer Science. I also graduated from Utah State University in May 2018 with my BS in Computer Science and an emphasis in Software Development and a minor in Spanish. While I was doing my undergrad, I took a Distributed Systems class, which was the class I enjoyed the most. I was able to work on a semester assignment where I programmed a distributed budget collaborating system. It allowed multiple clients to talk to multiple servers and log into specific budgets. Even allowing for multiple clients to log into the same budget. Users were also able to talking to each other through public and private chats.

I am from Syracuse Utah where I lived with my family. I have 1 older brother and 2 younger sisters. I graduated from Syracuse High School in 2010 and worked for a year waiting until I was old enough to serve a mission for LDS Church. In 2011 I left to the Dominican Republic and served as a missionary for two years teaching people about the gospel. I learned to interact and speak fluently to people in Spanish. After my mission I moved to Logan to attend school. Half way through my schooling at Utah State I fell in love with a wonderful woman and on July 10 2015 we got married. Now 8 years later, we have moved to our first house in the lovely city of Eagle Mountain, Utah. Where we had our first kid.

On my spare time I enjoy programming, hiking, being outdoors, sports, and watching movies and tv. My favorite movie as of right now would have to be the Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring. I am colorblind and learn the true color of things everyday from my wife. For 20 years I thought that pine trees were brown to just find out that they are actually green.